Quick Order

This article covers how to create and submit a quick order.


You can have your customers order using our email: orders@in.convictional.com or you can forward an email at your domain to that email (ie. forward orders@domain.com -> orders@in.convictional.com).

You can even use your existing orders email. Any emails from someone not connected to your account will be ignored by this service.


The subject line of the email has to be your companyId. To confirm what your companyId is, visit your settings page.

The format for the body of a quick order contains two major sections: addresses and items.

To start a section, type “*” then the name in block caps. To end it, type a forward slash ("/") and then the name in block caps.





To enter a SKU, enter the SKU, an equals sign and the quantity you want:






To enter an address, enter the attribute, an equals sign and a value – optional:


name=(the name or company)

company=(the company name)

phone=(phone number)

email=(the contact email)

type=(billing or shipping)

city=(the address)

zip=(the zip or postal code)

state=(the province, state or territory name)

country=(the country)

address=(first address line)

extra=(second address line)


To specify a partner (ordering on behalf of them, ie. sales rep) – optional:





Subject: convictional-wholesale










name=Customer Name

company=Convictional, Inc.





zip=M5V 4B3



address=123 St.



Business Rules

We apply a few business rules that are important to understand:

  • We make sure the order is verified using a secret key that only we have. This means you won’t get inbound spam orders using our service.

  • We check the partner and price list. If a partner is not setup, we will ignore their emails. This is nice if you intend to use your existing orders email: anyone you don’t want to have access wont.

  • We will check for a price list and if one exists, apply the wholesale price to each item on the order.

  • We will check the stock of each SKU on the order. If there is enough in stock, we’ll add the requested amount. If there isn’t, we’ll add whatever you have. If you have none, we’ll zero the item.

So when you get an order using quick order, you can safely assume:

  • The partner is setup and has pricing attached to their account.

  • The items are in stock or if not the order is confirmed without them.

Support & Feedback

We support quick ordering. If you have any questions or want to setup blind quick ordering (ie. an email at your domain) and want some help, get in touch.