Why did an order fail to sync to my platform?

Sometimes you'll receive an alert that a new order couldn't be uploaded to your platform. Here are the most common reasons why that happens.

Every time an order fails to sync, our team gets an alert telling us the problem, and as of October 2019, we send you an alert too. Over time, we've noticed that there is a short list of problems that cause almost all syncing failures. Here's the list below, and we will try to keep this page updated as issues are both discovered and solved.

SKU Mismatch

If you have changed some of the SKUs for your products in the past, it's possible that those SKU updates didn't make it into your buyer's platform. Then when an order comes in for that product, Convictional has trouble matching the buyer's version of the product to your version of the product because the SKUs don't match. You'll know this is the case if you view the order in Convictional and you see that the product's Title field is blank and the SKU listed there is out of date.

If you recognize the SKU and know what the new SKU is, you can go ahead and process the order. Sending our team an email telling us the new SKU is very helpful as well (otherwise we have to track it down ourselves). The Convictional order page does let you edit the SKU, but we don't recommend updating it yourself. The order is updated from the buyer's page every hour (typically around 1:20, 2:20, etc) so the SKU will probably just be overwritten if you attempt to update it. Our team will update the SKU and ensure that the order makes it into your platform.

Duplicate SKU

Depending on what platform you use, it may be possible to have multiple variants with the same SKU (either on the same product or even on different products). When you get an order for one of these items, Convictional can't tell which variant is the right one. Usually you can tell if this happened if you view the order in Convictional and the product title says "Undefined". You can help our team by copying the SKU from the order page and searching your platform to see if you have duplicates for that SKU. If you do find you're using the same SKU twice, email our team and we can work together to resolve the issue.

If you don't find any duplicate SKUs, the other possibility is that at some point in the past you deleted the original product and recreated it later with the same SKU. There's nothing wrong with doing that, but our system might still contain both versions of the product. This one is pretty easy for our team to solve, and we will just remove the out of date product from our system. You can go ahead and start processing the order in the meantime.

Missing Shipping Address

When you view the order in Convictional, you may see that the shipping address is missing. This happens when we receive an order from your buyer's platform that has no shipping address. In our experience, it usually means that this order doesn't actually need to be processed. It may be a test order, or it may be an in-store order that was accidentally posted to the buyer's online store. You can disregard the order, and our team will follow-up with you to confirm as well.

BigCommerce Integration

Our automated order syncing for BigCommerce isn't live yet, so if you are a seller and this is the platform you use, then for now you will be notified that orders couldn't be uploaded to your platform. You can view your orders in Convictional and begin processing them, and our team will manually post the new orders to your BigCommerce store. We're expecting the automated order syncing to be ready in November 2019!