Partnership Billing Settings

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This guide explains how to control billing details within a partnership.

By default, Convictional performs automated invoicing for fulfilled orders through Stripe (more info on billing here). However, there are cases when a partnership might not want such automated invoicing. We provide the ability to turn invoicing on and off based on your partnership needs.

How To Change Partnership Billing Settings

1. To change partnership billing settings, you'll first need to navigate to the Partners tab.

2. Then from your list of partners, choose the specific partnership for which you wish to edit billing settings.

3. Click the billing setting to toggle it on or off. If the setting is greyed, it means automated invoicing is disabled. Otherwise, if the setting is blue, it means automated invoicing is enabled. In the image below, the partnership has automated invoicing disabled. The user wishes to enable automated invoicing. They will click the billing setting to toggle its status.

(Note on visual difference: For sellers, there will also be a row for your partnership price list. Everything else is the same!)

4. After toggling the billing setting, a save button will appear on the top right section of your screen. You'll need to click save in order to save the billing setting changes.

5. After clicking save, a confirmation popup should appear if the save was successful.

That's it! We'll handle the invoicing for all your orders accordingly based on your partnership billing settings.

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