Customer Updates

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Customer Updates

The purpose of the Customer Updates document is to ensure that our customers are aware of the new features and functionality that we are releasing based on their feedback. Each update contains a 1-3 sentence description of the feature and is categorized by month.

May 2020

Passwordless Login

  • Passwordless login means never having to remember a B2B portal login password again.
  • It’s more secure, easier to use, and allows the partners you invite to create their account simply by clicking the invitation link you email them.
  • You and your partners will love the simplicity. Sign-in to see passwordless in action.

B2B Buy Buttons

  • B2B buy buttons are a way for sellers to include a button on the page of each product on their website.
  • Sellers (vendors) can feature their Buy Buttons and instantly start a conversation with buyers (retailers) who are looking to sell the seller's products.
  • Once connected, it's a matter of clicks until the seller can be listed on the buyer's storefront and begin selling.

Multi-User Accounts

  • Multi-user accounts means that users within the same organization can simultaneously access Convictional through their own unique email addresses.
  • Combined with Passwordless Login, each Convictional user can now authenticate through their own email and has their own visibility into the platform.
  • Multi-user accounts are available for all Convictional customers. To add new users within your organization, head to Settings to invite them via email.

April 2020

Terms Payments for US Buyers

  • Buyers can apply for 30, 60 or 90 day payment terms for all orders in the Convictional network in one click, automatically payout sellers the day they ship, and take up to 90 days to pay the bill.
  • There is a sliding interest scale ranging from 3-6% (but eliminates the costs associated with credit card processing on the seller side, making the scale more like 0-3% of the cost of the goods in practice).
  • This means buyers can sell products to consumers well before they have to pay for them, putting buyers in a virtuous cash cycle of being ahead on cash. Buyers can apply for terms in the Settings tab and clicking “apply for terms payments”.

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