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Kyle Tymoszewicz
Updated 1 week ago by Kyle Tymoszewicz

Actions & Action Templates

Actions & Action Templates. Actions are a great way to request an action be completed by a partner. Common use cases include: Onboarding Steps for new partner invites. Request documents from existing…

Keith Weaver
Updated 1 year ago by Keith Weaver

How to Change Your Commerce Type

When you first create an account with Convictional, you select your company's commerce type to be either a Buyer or a Seller. However, your decision about this may change during the onboarding proces…

Noah Jamison
Updated 1 week ago by Noah Jamison

Inviting New Users

This guide explains how to invite new users from within your own company. There are often multiple teammates that require access to a company's online ecommerce stores and connections. You can invite…

Jeremy Tupper
Updated 1 week ago by Jeremy Tupper

Managing Notifications

Summary. This guide outlines how to manage the notifications that you receive as a user of Convictional. Any Convictional user can manage their notifications by heading to Settings > Notifications. N…

Kyle Tymoszewicz
Updated 2 months ago by Kyle Tymoszewicz

Partnership Billing Settings

This guide explains how to control billing details within a partnership. By default, Convictional performs automated invoicing for fulfilled orders through Stripe (more info on billing here ). Howeve…

Stephen Choi
Updated 1 week ago by Stephen Choi

Passwordless Sign-in

Convictional uses a Passwordless sign-in in order for you to gain access to your Convictional account. For a description of the security benefits of passwordless vs password-based authentication, see…

Kyle Tymoszewicz
Updated 2 years ago by Kyle Tymoszewicz

Privacy Policy

Convictional's Privacy Policy

Roger Kirkness
Updated 2 years ago by Roger Kirkness

Referral Partners

A collection of partners we know to be useful to ecommerce companies buying and selling goods through Convictional.

Jessica Powell
Updated 2 years ago by Jessica Powell

Setting Billing Address

Setting your Billing Address enables functionality regarding payouts and billing within Convictional.. To setup your Billing Address, head to the Location Settings where there will be an option to Ad…

Kyle Tymoszewicz
Updated 1 year ago by Kyle Tymoszewicz

Single Sign-On (SSO)

Convictional offers Single Sign-On (SSO) as an alternative to Passwordless Sign-in for user authentication. This feature allows you to use a single set of credentials (your current enterprise system)…

Catherine Roy
Updated 2 years ago by Catherine Roy

Switching Between Accounts

Switching Between Accounts. Any Convictional user can now link their email to multiple Buyer and Seller accounts.. Previously, someone with multiple accounts would have had to use a unique email for…

Kyle Tymoszewicz
Updated 3 months ago by Kyle Tymoszewicz

Terms of Service

Convictional Terms of Service.

Roger Kirkness
Updated 1 year ago by Roger Kirkness

Viewing Subscription Info

This guide explains where you can go to view information about the subscription fees that you pay to Convictional. How to View Past Subscription Invoices. Invoices for subscription fees can be viewed…

Thomas Gorham
Updated 1 year ago by Thomas Gorham