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Kyle Tymoszewicz
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Actions & Action Templates

Actions & Action Templates. Actions are a great way to request an action be completed by a partner. Common use cases include: Onboarding Steps for new partner invites. Request documents from existing…

Keith Weaver
Updated 1 month ago by Keith Weaver

Inviting New Users

This guide explains how to invite new users from within your own company. There are often multiple teammates that require access to a company's online ecommerce stores and connections. You can invite…

Jeremy Tupper
Updated 4 months ago by Jeremy Tupper

Managing Notifications

Summary. This guide outlines how to manage the notifications that you receive as a user of Convictional. Order Notifications. By default, sellers using Convictional receive email notifications for or…

Kyle Tymoszewicz
Updated 4 months ago by Kyle Tymoszewicz

Passwordless Sign-in

Convictional uses a Passwordless sign-in in order for you to gain access to your Convictional account. For a description of the security benefits of passwordless vs password-based authentication, see…

Kyle Tymoszewicz
Updated 4 months ago by Kyle Tymoszewicz

Privacy Policy

Convictional's Privacy Policy

Roger Kirkness
Updated 4 months ago by Roger Kirkness

Referral Partners

A collection of partners we know to be useful to ecommerce companies buying and selling goods through Convictional.

Jessica Powell
Updated 11 months ago by Jessica Powell

Single Sign-On (SSO)

Convictional offers Single Sign-On (SSO) as an alternative to Passwordless Sign-in for user authentication. This feature allows you to use a single set of credentials (your current enterprise system)…

Catherine Roy
Updated 3 months ago by Catherine Roy

Terms of Service

Convictional Terms of Service.

Roger Kirkness
Updated 3 months ago by Roger Kirkness