Inviting Partners

This article covers how to invite trading partners directly.

Step One

To invite a partner, you will need their email address and a price list to assign them. In order to invite a partner, you need to create the partner:



  • Email: the email address for your partner to receive the invite

  • Price List: the price list you want to assign your partner

  • Relationship: is this a drop shipping partner? Use ‘child’

  • Billing: do you want to require a credit card on sign up to bill?

  • Active: do you want to allow them to sync your products?

Step Two

Now that you have created a partner, the next step is to invite them. Each partner has a link you can click to invite them:


Step Three

We will send them an email with a link to sign up. You can see the status of their invitation and whether the invite has been sent on their record.

We recommend that you only activate partners after they are signed up and connected with you. This allows you to ensure you have all the information you need to start trading with them.


  • We keep a lookup of how your item codes match to your partner. You can reset this at any time in your admin. If you sync with a partner and it really goes badly, delete the products, reset and try again.