Connecting through Web App

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This guide walks through the steps needed to onboard through the Convictional Web App.
Step One: Select Web App

Once you have entered your Company Name and Website, you will be able to choose your Company type (Buyer or Seller) and your Platform.

Confirm your Company type (Buyer or Seller) and then select the Convictional Web App as your integration method.



You will then be prompted to confirm your company information is correct.

After confirming, you will enter the Convictional Web App. This view will contain specific steps that enable you to begin trading with your partners.

Step Two: Continue Onboarding

Sellers will have to complete the following steps:

Buyers will have to complete the following steps:
Both company types can complete optional steps:

Step Three: Begin Trading

After completing all required steps, you are now ready to begin trading!

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