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Connecting WooCommerce

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The purpose of this guide is to detail the steps of connecting Convictional with your WooCommerce store.

Step One: Connect Platform

If you’re using WooCommerce, ensure that you have selected WooCommerce in the Platform dropdown of Convictional's Settings tab.

You will also need to provide the URL of your store during sign-up.

Tip: The format of the store URL you will need is

Step Two: Create an API Account

In order to connect with your store, you will need to provide Convictional with the "WooCommerce Consumer Key" and the "Secret Key" so that we can connect with your store.

These can be generated in your WooCommerce admin under Settings > API.

To navigate there, head to your WooCommerce store and click "Settings":

Next, head to "Advanced":

And then click "REST API":

Now, you'll need to add a new REST API key by clicking the "Add Key" button. From there, you will see your new Key Details:

Title your description with an easily-identifiable title and then set the Permissions to "Read/Write":

Click "Generate API Key" and you will generate new API Key details.

Step Three: Grant Permissions

Once you generate the new API key, you will see some strings:


These are the strings that need to be copied into your Convictional Settings.

Copy/paste the "Consumer Key" and "Consumer Secret" key back into Convictional Settings:

Then, save your changes within Convictional:

Tip: Within 20 minutes, your products will be visible within the Products tab.

Next Steps

With your WooCommerce store now connected, we will be able to sync your information with your partners.

By default, we will sync active products, inventory counts, and order fulfillments. When your buyer receives or directly submits an order for your product, we will pass that order back into your store so that you can fulfill it.

Next, you'll want to set your pricing. You can do so in the Prices tab of Convictional.

Tip: You can also refer to our Pricing Guide for steps on how to setup your prices.

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