Importing Products

This article covers how to import products via CSV.


To import products via CSV, you should have a file with lines that look like this:


12345,A Great Product,Vendor,Beauty,“Tags, Tags, Tags”,54321,A Great Variant,4,9.99,, <p>Product description.</p>, Size, 2, Color, Black


  • Code (required): is your unique code for this product

  • Status: is true if you want to sync with customers

  • Title: is a short description of your product

  • Vendor: is your brand or the product brand

  • Type: the product type (ie. clothing, beauty)

  • Tags: tags for the product (ie. Toronto)

  • SKU: is the unique SKU for this variant

  • Title: is a description of this variant

  • Inventory: is the current stock level

  • Price (required): is the retail price price for this variant

  • Image URL: URL for this variant’s image

  • HTML Body: the HTML body for the website display.
  • Option1 Name: the name of the first option (ie. "Size")
  • Option1 Value: the value for this variant (ie. "Size 4" or "4")
  • Option2 Name: the name of the second option (ie. "Color")
  • Option2 Value: the value for this variant (ie. "Black")
  • Option3 Name: the name of the third option (ie. "Folded?")
  • Option3 Value: the value for this variant (ie. "Yes")

Remember to leave empty spaces for optional fields so we can map each one

Retail price is the price the product sells for. Base price is the price you offer to your buyer.


  • Code is required and determines what lines upload together.
  • If the upload fails, check the format or ask support to review the file.

  • The file type must be CSV, Excel is not allowed. 

  • Send variants up in the order you want them to appear (ie. Small, Medium, Large)
  • Leave empty spaces for empty or optional fields (ie. “,”)


You can find a template for uploading products here. You can go to File > Make A Copy, and that will create an editable template. Alternatively you can go to File > Download to get a local copy.  

Next steps

Once you're done uploading your products, you'll have to create a price list for your products. Here's how you upload a price list.