Importing Prices

This article covers how to import price lists (catalogs) via CSV.


Pricing in Convictional is driven by price lists. Price lists also determined what products a given partner of yours is able to view and purchase. So consider our price lists part pricing and part catalog. When you setup a price list, we need to understand how to mark it up or down, what currency it’s in and the SKU specific discounts. Almost all wholesale pricing use cases can be supported through these price lists.

Pricing Math

Prices in Convictional require a bit of basic math. Here is how the math works:

  • Base price is how much our sellers charge our buyers. Simple.
  • Markup is how much to add to that base price to arrive at a "retail" price.
  • Conversion is the difference in currency between base and markup.

If you are starting from retail prices, trying to figure out your B2B prices, here is how it works:

  1. If you take the markup out of your retail price, you should arrive at base price. For example: retail is $100, the wholesale/B2B price is $60. The markup would be $40. 
  2. The conversion rate is applied to the resolved price (ie. base plus markup) in order to calculate the final retail price. Say you want to set your pricing worldwide in USD, but charge consumers in their local currency at retail. With Convictional you can, but you need a price list *per currency*.

Importing CSV

To import pricing via CSV, please use the following format:

List Name, Currency, Conversion Rate, Rounding, Sku, SKU Cost, SKU Markup, Markup Type, Min Units (Quantity Break)

ie. Price List,USD,1.2,99,54321,9.99,5,fixed,10

Elements (Index)

  • Price List Name (0): A descriptive name for the price list (‘price list’)

  • Currency (1): currency of the shop(s) you want to sync with. (‘CAD’)

  • Conversion Rate (2) percentage markup (‘200’ = prices x 2)

  • Rounding (3): last two digits you want prices rounded up to (‘99’ = $1.99)

  • Sku (4): A variant-specific SKU (‘ABC-123’)

  • Base Price (5): base price for that SKU (‘9.99’)

  • Markup (Amount) (6): in percent (ie. ‘120’) or dollars (‘5’)

  • Markup Type (7): ‘fixed’ for dollar markup or ‘percent’ for percentage

  • Quantity Break (8): the number of units ordered for this discount to apply. Default: 1


  • If the upload fails, check the format or ask support to review the file.

  • The file type must be CSV, Excel is not allowed.

  • Leave empty spaces for empty or optional fields (ie. “,”)


You can find a template for uploading pricing here.