Importing Partners

This article discusses how to bulk import trading partners via CSV.


To import partners via CSV, please use the following format:

email, price list, relationship, active, invited, billing,My Price List,child, true, true, true


  • Email: The business email for this partner

  • Price list: The name of their price list

  • Relationship: Relative to you: ‘parent’, ‘child’ or ‘self’

  • Active: Do you want to sync with them?

  • Invited: Have they been invited?

  • Billing: Do you want to bill them here?


  • If the upload fails, check the format or ask support to review the file.

  • The file type must be CSV, Excel is not allowed.

  • Leave empty spaces for empty or optional fields (ie. “,”)


You can find a template for uploading partners here. You can go to File > Make A Copy, and that will create an editable template. Alternatively you can go to File > Download to get a local copy.