How does billing work?

There are three ways to bill for an order in Convictional: manually, automatically or external. We'll discuss each here.

Billing an order can happen through one of three methods:

These are described in detail below.

Manual Billing

Manual billing happens on an Order page by clicking the Bill Order button (circled below).


Both the user who created the order and the vendor supplying the order have access to this page. Either one can choose to trigger manual billing. When billing is successful, a green success message will appear on screen (seen below).


When you refresh the page you will notice that the order has automatically been marked as Billed. You should not mark the order as Billed yourself unless you have used external billing.

If a problem occurs during manual billing, a red error message will appear instead (such as below). Usually this will also cause a 24 hour wait period to occur. If you try to bill the order again before 24 hours have passed, you will always receive the original error message. Try billing again after you have resolved the issue and 24 hours have passed. Further down we describe how to deal with common errors.


Automated Billing

Automated billing is part of syncing. You can turn it on/off on the Syncing page, and also trigger it manually.


When turned on, automated billing will run every hour. The system will attempt to bill each order which meets all these criteria:

  • Is marked as Shipped

  • Is not marked as Billed

  • Has not been processed before by automated billing

This last point means that once automated billing tries to bill an order, it will not try to bill that order again, even if the charge does not go through. There are many reasons why a charge may not go through. We describe some of them further down this page. We only attempt automated billing once as one of the safeguards to protect against double charging an order.

As a vendor, you will always be notified if automated billing fails to bill one of your orders. This will typically be an automated email sent to the email address connected to your Convictional account. The email should contain enough information so you can resolve the problem that occurred. Then you must bill the order using manual billing or external billing. If you are a buyer, you may also receive an email alert if the error is related to your card details.

External Billing

External billing happens when you receive a payment from your customer through some means outside of the Convictional system, such as a direct bank transfer. In this case, it is important that you mark the order as Billedon the order page, using the toggle (circled below). Then click Save. Otherwise, it is possible for the order to be billed a second time through either manual or automated billing. Do not click **Bill Order **since this will attempt to bill the order a second time. Once the order is marked as Billed, the Bill Order button will change to a Refund Order button.


Common Reasons For Billing Failure

24 Hour Wait Period

It is important to note that most errors that occur during manual billing create a 24 hour wait period before you can try to bill the order again. This means that even once you resolve the issue, if you try to manually bill the order again you will still see the old error message! Try billing again after you have resolved the issue and 24 hours have passed.

Improper Stripe Setup

Stripe must be correctly configured for both the customer and the vendor. Make sure you and your customers have followed the steps at Setup Card-on-file Payments.

Common problems can be:

  • The customer’s card details are incorrect. Fix this on the Settings page

  • The customer’s card is being declined by the bank. Resolve with the bank.

  • The customer has changed the email address associated with the Convictional account since adding their card information. Fix this by re-adding the card information on the Settings page. The new email address will be sent to Stripe behind the scenes.

  • The vendor’s Stripe Account is not connected to Convictional. Fix this on the Settings page.

  • The vendor’s Stripe Account is connected to Convictional, but not activated in Stripe. Fix this on the Stripe Dashboard.

Connection Issue

Sometimes there is a blip in the connection between our servers and Stripe. No action necessary to fix, simply try manually billing the order again.