Importing Products


To import products via CSV, please use the following format:

code,status,product title,vendor,type,tags,sku,variant title,inventory quantity,price,img

ie. 12345,true,A Great Product,Vendor,Beauty,“Tags, Tags, Tags”,54321,A Great Variant,4,9.99,


  • Code (required): is your unique code for this product
  • Status: is true if you want to sync with customers
  • Title: is a short description of your product
  • Vendor: is your brand or the product brand
  • Type: the product type (ie. clothing, beauty)
  • Tags: tags for the product (ie. Toronto)
  • SKU: is the unique SKU for this variant
  • Title: is a description of this variant
  • Inventory: is the current stock level
  • Price: is the base price for this variant
  • Image URL: URL for this variant’s image


  • If the upload fails, check the format or ask support to review the file.
  • The file type must be CSV, Excel is not allowed.
  • Leave empty spaces for empty or optional fields (ie. “,,,”)


You can find a template for uploading products here.