Pricing Guide

## Pricing in Convictional is driven by price lists. Price lists also determined what products a given partner of yours is able to view and purchase. So consider our price lists part pricing and part catalog. When you setup a price list, we need to understand how to mark it up or down, what currency it’s in and the SKU specific discounts. We can support volume breaks, date-specific pricing, markups and markdowns across currencies or by fixed/dollar amount on a list-wide or SKU specific basis. Almost all wholesale pricing use cases can be supported through these price lists.

Importing CSV

To import pricing via CSV, please use the following format:

List Name, Start Date, End Date, Currency, Conversion Rate, List Markup, Rounding, Sku, SKU Cost, SKU Markup, Markup Type, Min Units (Quantity Break)

ie. Price List,USD,1.2,120,99,54321,9.99,5,fixed,10

Elements (Index)

  • Price List Name (0): A descriptive name for the price list (‘price list’)
  • Currency (1): currency of the shop(s) you want to sync with. (‘CAD’)
  • Conversion Rate (2) percentage markup (‘200’ = prices x 2)
  • Markup (3): list wide markup percentage (‘120’ = prices x 1.2)
  • Rounding (4): last two digits you want prices rounded up to (‘99’ = $1.99)
  • Sku (5): A variant-specific SKU (‘ABC-123’)
  • Base Price (6): base price for that SKU (‘9.99’)
  • Markup (Amount) (7): in percent (ie. ‘120’) or dollars (‘5’)
  • Markup Type (8): ‘fixed’ for dollar markup or ‘percent’ for percentage
  • Quantity Break (9): the number of units ordered for this discount to apply. Default: 1


  • Do not include headers in your CSV file.
  • If the upload fails, double check the format.
  • Leave empty spaces for optional fields (ie. “,,,”)


Here is a link to an example file. Remember not to include headers.