Importing Orders

To import orders via CSV, please use the following format: code,partner,date,sku,quantity,name,company, city,zip,state,country,addressOne,addressTwo


  • Code (required): the order number in source system
  • Partner: the company this order is from
  • Date: the date of the order in ISO8601 format
  • Item SKU: the SKU of an order item
  • Item Quantity: the quantity of that order item
  • Name: the full name of the customer
  • Company (Optional): the customer’s business
  • City: the city to ship to
  • Zip: the zip or postal code to ship to
  • State: the state or province to ship to
  • Country: the country to ship to
  • Address One: the first address line
  • Address Two (Optional): the second address line


  • Do not include headers in your CSV file.
  • If the upload fails, double check the format.
  • Leave empty spaces for optional fields (ie. “,,,”)