Deleting Account

When you use Convictional to trade with your partners, we respect that the data we are responsible for is yours. You own your data and what happens to it is ultimately up to you. This article discusses how to delete your account and associated data.

Our Approach

Along those lines, we allow our customers to actually delete your account and associated data. Many web services say they delete your data, but they actually just archive it so it’s no longer accessible.

When we say delete, we mean gone forever, so deleting your account is not to be undertaken lightly. That said, we make it easy for you or your trading partner to completely delete your records in our system.


To delete your account, visit Settings and scroll to the bottom. Select “Delete account”. A confirm dialog will pop up explaining exactly what is going to happen. Here is a full list of what is deleted:

  • Orders
  • Products
  • Partners
  • Prices
  • Logs
  • Users

Deleting your account includes deleting all company-level data, so be sure it’s what you want to do. If so, confirm and your account will immediately be offboarded. It can take some time, depending on how long you have used our service, to delete all the records in the system. Once done, you will be logged out permanently.

Further Questions

If you would like to discuss further the implications of deleting your account on our service as it relates to your requirements or local regulation, please contact our Data Protection Officer: