Connecting: BigCommerce

Convictional allows you to connect with BigCommerce so you can trade with your trading partners. This guide will help you get connected.

Step One

If you’re using BigCommerce, ensure that you have selected BigCommerce in the Platform dropdown and provided the URL for your store to us.

You will need to provide the Client ID, Client Secret and Access Token for an API account so that we can connect with your store and trade with you.

Convictional needs permissions from you when you create your API Account. Login to your BigCommerce store, go to Advanced Settings > API Accounts.

Create a new API Account and provide the following permissions:


Step Two

Once you grant the permissions, you will see some strings:


Step Three

Then copy/paste the ID, secret, access token and hash back into Settings:



Once you have done this, we can access your store to help you sync.