Connecting Apruve for Payments

Convictional allows you to automate payments from your trading partners through our integration with Apruve. Apruve allows you to get paid when you ship but your customer gets a once monthly invoice to pay via ACH, cheque or other means. It usually ends up costing less in fees as well.

Step One

To connect Apruve with your Convictional account:

  • Go to Settings and select “Activate Apruve billing?”. Two extra fields will appear.
  • Go to Apruve and copy your “merchant ID”, paste into field
  • Go to Apruve and create, then copy your “API key”, paste into field

Step Two

When you are done, it should look like this:


How Customers Pay

While active, Convictional will issue invoices to your trading partners once a day for all orders that have 1. Not yet been billed and are 2. Completed, which means they have been shipped. Customers will optionally have Net15 terms on which to pay for those invoices.

How Customers Onboard

Customers have to be onboarded through Apruve. We will create a new customer in Apruve each time someone joins your network on Convictional but the actual onboarding steps happen on the Apruve side. Here are some articles to help you along this process: Apruve help center


Your trading partner can pay their invoice in Apruve, while you get paid after shipping. If you have any issues connecting, email support. To disconnect Apruve, select “Activate Apruve billing?” again. Apruve is a great option for offering terms and saving on fees.