This guide is intended to make it as easy as possible to configure Convictional.

Default Prices

Convictional allows you to set up a default price list. This makes it easier to set pricing across all of your partners if you only have one set of pricing. If no price list is setup for a particular customer, this price list will be assigned to them.


Convictional lets you decide what information you want to sync with your trading partners. You can activate or deactivate various kinds of sync, from getting orders to pushing products. Just a reminder that child = retailer and parent = wholesaler in most cases.

  • Sync orders from children: gets orders from your trading partners
  • Sync orders to parents: pushes orders from Convictional into your system
  • Sync order updates from parents: gets fulfillments from your system
  • Sync order updates to children: pushes order updates to your partners
  • Sync products from parents: gets product catalog from you
  • Sync products to children: pushes your product catalog to partners
  • Sync product updates from parents: gets updated inventory from you
  • Sync product updates to children: pushes inventory updates to partners

Payment Gateways

Convictional supports two different payment gateways, mainly depending on whether you want to do card on file or terms-based payments. Apruve is used for terms-payments and can also result in lower fees and a better customer experience. Stripe is there for card on file.


Convictional supports various kinds of commerce platforms, both as a wholesaler and as a retailer. You can choose which platform you are on and then follow the steps in the onboarding guide to make sure the platform is connected. You usually won’t have to change this later.


Convictional issues an API key to every customer in case you every need programmatic access to our service. Everything you can do in the admin you can also do via the API and we use the API to build our own services so you know it works. The API key is used to make sure only you can access your information and involves two-factors of authentication.

Change Password

Convictional allows you to reset your password if you forget by emailing the main account email. We also make it easy to change your password if you would like to ensure you have a secure login relationship with the platform.


If you have any questions about how to configure your system, get in touch with support and we can happily walk you through the ways to set everything up to accomplish what you need.