Downloading Assets

This guide covers how to download image assets for vendor products.

Sometimes the image assets you get from your vendors is setup in a way that doesn't work for your requirements. Convictional provides a way to download the source asset to your local computer so that you can perform any desired edits prior to merchandising the product. 

1. Select the product

To download the assets from a particular product, you have to be on the product page. Go to Products, then search for or select the product you want to download the assets for:


2. Download the assets

Once you have selected a product, you'll see a list of image assets about half way down the page:

Click the gray button in the photo above to download that image. Continue to click that button for each image asset that you want to download. Because images can be large, we tend to recommend downloading only the ones that you intend to use on your site and that require editing. Repeat as required.