Connecting WooCommerce

Connect WooCommerce to automatically share products, inventory and fulfillments while receiving orders in your shop.

Step One

If you’re using WooCommerce, you will need to provide the WooCommerce Consumer Key and the Secret Key so we can connect to your store.

These can be generated in your WooCommerce admin under Settings > API.

Convictional needs Read/Write permissions from your API Account.

Login to your WooCommerce store, go to WooCommerce Settings > Advanced > REST API:


Step Two

Once you grant Read/Write permissions, you will see some strings:


Step Three

Then copy/paste the key and secret back into Convictional Settings:



Once you have done this, we can access your store to help you sync. We will pull products, inventory and fulfillments from your store on a regular basis. When your buyer receives or submits an order for one of your products, we will push the order into your WooCommerce store for fulfillment.