Connecting 3dCart

Convictional allows sellers to connect our service with 3dCart so you can manage products, orders and fulfillments in 3dCart

1. Sign-up

When you are signing up for Convictional, we ask what platform you use (select 3dCart) and what the secure URL is. The secure URL is different from your consumer-facing store URL. It usually contains “” or “”. Copy/paste this URL from the settings in your 3dCart store:


2. Permissions

Once you have signed up for Convictional, go to your Settings and you will see a button that says “Connect 3dCart”. Click that button and we will send you to a permissions page in your store, so that you can review and (hopefully) approve access. Full details will be shown in your admin:


3. Confirmation

After you approve access for Convictional to be able to manage orders and read order status and products from your store to share with your partners, you should be redirected to your settings page in Convictional. There you will see that we have access and confirm that 3dCart is connected:



At this point you should start to see products sync with your store. We will pull inventory once an hour, product updates a few times a day, fulfillments of shipments once an hour. We will push orders from your partners back once an hour so that you can manage and fulfill them from within your existing store.