Syncing Order Updates

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Buyers can automatically sync their order information directly into their ecommerce platform.

Checking Order Information

To view order information, head to the Orders tab within Convictional.

Order information cannot be synced to your ecommerce platform without it first arriving in your Orders dashboard.

Within the Orders dashboard, information regarding order status is displayed for each individual order. For a description of each field, see the related guide Check Order Status.

Information such as order tracking numbers will also be displayed. An example is shown below:

Syncing Order Information To Your Platform

Order information can also be automatically passed to your ecommerce platform.

Automated order syncing is the default setting for buyers using Convictional.

The order information that is visible in the Orders dashboard will then sync across to your ecommerce platform (such as Shopify) for ease of management.

An example of order information syncing is displayed below (sample data is used):

If you do find that order information available in Convictional is not syncing into your ecommerce platform, please contact Support with details of the missing information.

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