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Sending Test Orders

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Now that you have setup your vendor, and the products have synced through to your commerce platform, it's best practice to send back a test order. Here are the steps for submitting a test order:

Notify your vendor

The first step is to notify your vendor. Once the products show up in your commerce platform (usually within an hour of setup) you should let your vendor know you're ready to do a test order. The purpose of this is to make sure that when the order goes back to their system, it doesn't get fulfilled.

Create the order

Once the vendor knows the order is on the way, create the order in your commerce platform for the product that you want to test. The goal here is to reproduce what the consumer would be doing, so you are welcome to submit a POS transaction or purchase the test product through your online store depending on your application to reproduce exactly what the consumer would experience when they are purchasing.

Wait for confirmation

Once the order has been submitted, wait for confirmation from the vendor. Depending on the system you and your vendors are using, it can take up to two hours for the order to get all the way back, split and routed appropriately. Ask your vendor to confirm (and prevent fulfillment) once it gets to them.

Confirm details

At this point, the vendor will have the order in their system and be able to review the process for fulfillment. In most cases, assuming you are doing integrated setup, the vendor will already have a process in place for fulfilling orders. If that is the case, this step is generally a matter of confirming you have what you need to fulfill the order. If not, confirm any implementation details or ask Convictional support.

Receive fulfillment

The vendor should submit a mock fulfillment for the order complete with line item detail and tracking information. This will get passed back into your system for sharing with the consumer. You'll get an email either from Convictional or from the platform of the vendor letting you know the order is shipped.

Publish the products

Once you go through the process of a test order successfully, you are ready to publish the rest of the product catalog from that vendor. How you do this depends on the platform you are on, but you are done with the Convictional part of the onboarding process. Go ahead and publish the products. 

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