Automating Price List Creation via Actions

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Buyers can help their Sellers create price lists automatically!

Buyers can create an Action Template called "Terms and Conditions". Buyers upload their commercial agreements and enter in the commercial terms related to their partnership.

Once a Seller acknowledges and signs the document in the Action Template from their Convictional account, the Seller has a price list automatically created for them with the commercial terms in the agreement!

  1. As a Buyer, create an Action template in the Partners page.
    (If you'd like a refresher on Action templates, see this guide: Actions & Action Templates)
  2. Select "Terms and Conditions" as the Action Template:
  3. Enter the details of your Terms and Conditions Agreement. Enter in your agreement's information and draft a sample email that your Sellers will receive during their onboarding.
  4. Map your PDF's variables to our template. This allows you to upload variations of your commercial agreement for each different vendor that you onboard, such as for different margins.
  5. Enter the details used to create a price list for your vendor. In the below example, a dropship margin of 30% and a wholesale margin of 50% were entered. The purchase currency is the currency you use to pay your partners with. It is the same currency you use to list the products for sale on your store.
  6. Your agreement is now created. If you would like your future partners to review and sign your agreement, flip the toggle for "Apply To New Partners" on your Partners tab.
  7. Your template has been created! New partners you invite will now automatically receive this commercial agreement when they onboard.

    Optional: Sharing your contact with existing partners.
  8. To share your contract with existing partners, go to the Partners page and click "Manage" on a specific partner.
  9. Click "Create your first action" and use the Terms and Conditions template that you created earlier.
  10. Confirm that the template you selected is the desired template.
  11. Include the email(s) you would like to send the agreement to. You can include multiple emails by adding a comma after each email address with no spaces. An example would be:,
  12. Fill out your template with the information for this specific partnership (such as dropship margins and purchase currency).
  13. Save your Action. It is now assigned to your vendor!
  14. Repeat this process for any other vendors that you would like to have sign your commercial agreement.

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