​Selecting Products

Covers how to select products, sync them to your platform and delist them if you no longer want to carry them.

Jessica Powell
Updated 4 months ago by Jessica Powell

​Signing Up As A Buyer

A short guide to signing up with Convictional as a Buyer.

Jeremy Tupper
Updated 5 months ago by Jeremy Tupper

Automating Price List Creation via Actions

Buyers can help their Sellers create price lists automatically!. Buyers can create an Action Template called "Terms and Conditions". Buyers upload their commercial agreements and enter in the commerc…

Kyle Tymoszewicz
Updated 3 months ago by Kyle Tymoszewicz

Autonomous Merchandising

Automate Merchandising Tasks. Buyers can set rules in their partnership settings that will apply merchandising jobs to products before they are synced to the buyer's store. Currently Convictional all…

Becca Crandall
Updated 2 months ago by Becca Crandall

Buyer Product Validation Guide

What Is Buyer Product Validation? Buyer Product Validation is a Buyer feature that involves creating rulesets that validate whether a Seller's product data is complete enough for a Buyer to list thei…

Stephen Choi
Updated 8 months ago by Stephen Choi

Check Order Status

This guide covers how to understand the status of vendor fulfilled orders, and what to do if something unexpected happens.

Jared Smith
Updated 2 months ago by Jared Smith

Downloading Assets

This guide covers how to download image assets for seller products.

Jessica Powell
Updated 4 months ago by Jessica Powell

How to Delay an Invoice

Convictional allows buyers to define the time between when an order is shipped and when its invoice is posted. This can be thought of as a delayed invoice. You can choose default settings that will a…

Noah Jamison
Updated 1 month ago by Noah Jamison

Inviting Sellers

This guide covers how to invite vendors and what settings to use to achieve your goals for the relationship.

Jessica Powell
Updated 2 years ago by Jessica Powell

Packing Slips - Buyers

Creating packing slips for orders that pass through Convictional.

Jared Smith
Updated 2 months ago by Jared Smith

Seller SLAs

Adding Seller Service Level Agreements (SLA).

Jessica Powell
Updated 2 years ago by Jessica Powell

Shopify Product Syncing

When syncing information from a Sellers ecommerce platform, to Convictional and through to the Buying partner there may be some considerations that need to be made on which product fields contain wha…

Bill Tarbell
Updated 2 months ago by Bill Tarbell

Step by Step for Buyer Onboarding

Buyer onboarding for Dropship - E-comm integration / Modern Buyer. Create Account / Accept Account Invitation There are two ways to get started with using Convictional. If you have been invited by an…

Tyler Ellis
Updated 2 months ago by Tyler Ellis

Syncing Order Updates

Buyers can automatically sync their order information directly into their ecommerce platform. Checking Order Information. To view order information, head to the Orders tab within Convictional. Order…

Kyle Tymoszewicz
Updated 2 years ago by Kyle Tymoszewicz

Wholesale Guide for Buyers

A step-by-step guide for setting up your Convictional buyer account to request wholesale quotes. This guide supports connecting through the Convictional app. By purchasing wholesale inventory on Conv…

Keith Weaver
Updated 1 year ago by Keith Weaver